(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<October Q&A Answers Part 2


These are the answers to the questions I collected on this entry. ★☆
Thank you very much for all of the questions. (*´д`*)

It's been so long that I hadn't thought of any questions. w
Ummm... Which do you like better? Take no ko no Hoshi? Or Kinoko no Yama?
(TN: Two popular chocolate covered biscuits by Meiji.)
Also, my birthday is soon and I would be happy if you celebrated it.(*´ω`*)
by Yuu-san

I don't eat either much, but probably Kinoko no Yama! I think!
Happy birthday!!

What kind of people are your parents?
by Ebi-san

My parents divorced when I was in middle school, and I've been raised by my mother since then. (*^o^*)
My mom is innocent and active. She's carefree (in a good way), but feminine and cute. (*^o^*)

I have a silly qustion. Ham or sausage?
by Keiya Papa-san

Hmmm, sausage? ('-')

Oh oh ohh!
Because of you←
I've been addicted to tom yum for about the past two years. Please secretly tell me the best tom yum restaurant in the 23rd ward of Tokyo! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
By the way, my ideal tom yum is the pho one from Spice Kitchen. ♪
by Yuuki-san

Isn't tom yum good? ☆★
In the 23rd ward, huh... The best I've eaten is the one from Thailanna, but it's not in the 23rd ward. (´・_・`)
Oh, also, Basement America-bashi in Ebisu was good too!!

Questiooon (・∀・*)
Do you have any brothers?
by (´∀`*-san

Oh. I'm the eldest of three sisters. ('-')

Please tell me the secret to being popular!
Also, what do you like in a man?
by 尾夢髙大-san

So, the secret for a man to be popular...?
Someone who can juggle work and romance???
I think you need to be a bit flashy in order to be popular?? I don't knowww. \(^o^)/

Ikura-tan, unipoyo! (*n´д`n*)♡
I always look forward to watching your videos! ☆
Do you do any special spending on beauty??
For example, beauty salons or permanent hair removal...
Also, what kind of hair treatment do you use at home? ♬
by Keekihime-san

Unipoyo! ♪(*^^)o∀*∀o(^^*)♪
Huh, b-beauty? (゚o゚;;
I don't go to the beauty salon or hair removal... I really only have the basic cosmetics and makeup tools.. (⌒-⌒; ) Oh my, lately I've been getting my hair treated at the salon so I don't use my treatments at home much, but but I use Kerastase and Samourai Woman oil!
The Samourai Woman one smells good!

Kerastase HU Huile Sublime 125ml【HTRC3】/NLO

Samourai Woman Premium Treatment Oil 50ml/SPR Japan

Is there anywhere within the country that you want to go?
I want you to come to my area again for the Cho Kaigi or an event...
by MASATO-san

I want to visit all 47 prefectures!!!!

I often make outfits using pastel colors, but which do you wear more often, pastel or vivid colors?
by Nakajima Rin-Rin--san

Hmmm, I feel like I wore more pastel colors this summer, but my current obsession is black, so I guess it was like pastel colors×black... I really wear a lot of black recently. ('-')
Come to think of it, I don't wear vivid colors very often!

I have a question! ☆
When you all were waking up and falling in the backgrounds of Maam and King's Guu Guu dance videos in Macau, were you really asleep? (・ω・)←
Or were you pretending to be asleep?←
by Komachi-san

I'll leave it up to your imagination.←

I didn't make it in time last time so I'm happy!
I'm grateful because I've met new people because of you all. (*^o^*)
Now, I have a question.
I'm only going to write the initial, but do you not like C?
What would you do if you married a man who also disliked C?
by Kifu-san

I'm glad you made it in time this time! It's a happy cycle, huh. ◎
I don't like C. I really don't like C. ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=┌(; ̄◇ ̄)┘
If I married a guy who disliked C... We would work together to exterminate them. ((((;゚Д゚)))))))
I feel like our house is going to get messed up. Haha
(TN: It originally said G which I changed to C because I think they're talking about gokiburi/cockroaches?)

What kind of wallet do you use? (^O^)
by Yuka-san

I've always had a Vivienne! Haha
But I think it's about time for a change. (*^o^*)

It's the first day of October!! Which means it's almost tights and knee high season!!
I want to know where you bought the grey knee highs you often wear. (o^^o)
Also, if there are any tights or knee highs that you recommend, please let me know. ♪
by Bafyu-san

Tutu Anna, I think!
I stopped wearing knee highs at all lately... ('-')
I only wear them during lives!
I like white tights. ♡ I wear them every year! (*^o^*)

What is your favorite cake shop?? *^ω^*
by Sweet Tooth-san

Hmmm I can't each much cake. (´・_・`)
Oh, but I do like Cafe Commeca's cake! The fruit on top!
I don't really like tarts... I don't like cookies...
Ah... I wish I had a sweet tooth... (/ _ ; )

Excuse me for speaking about myself, but my favorite food is winter melon. I'm 17 years old. Female. (^◇^
With that being said, what do you think of a high school girl who is asked, "What is your favorite food?" and answers winter melon with a straight face? Also, do you like winter melon? (^◇^)
by Hadzuru ヾ(・ω・)ノ-san

What's a winter melon... I had to look it up.
It says...
「Winter melon is 95% water and low calorie, so it's a good diet food. It has diuretic effects so it has long been used to reduce edema. It's rich in vitamin, so it can also help prevent the common cold.」
Feminine!! So feminine!!!! I like winter melon now!!! Haha

I have a question!
Do you dry your hair when you get out of the bath? (・ω・`)
by Suzunya*-san

Of course! \(^o^)/

We've entered October and it's complete autumn.
You're thin, delicate, and slightly tall.
Have you ever been thrown by a typhoon and been unable to stand up straight!?
by Shigezou-san

I don't go out on bad days like that (or much at all), so that's never happened to me! Haha
But I have slipped on a crosswalk on a snowy day, tried to get up, slipped again, and gotten laughed at by the driver of a stopped car. 。・゜・(ノД`)・゜・。
It was really embarrassiiing. w

What laundry detergent/fabric softener do you use?
Do you have a recommendation?
by Fuuku-san

Um. What was it.←
The one with the commercial that goes "Touch and pon!"...
I Googled "touch and pon" and Bold came up, so Bold. Haha
I use Downy fabric softenerrr!

I have a question!
If you've already answered this question, please ignore this. (^ω^;)
You're really cute and stylish, so girls admire you, but do you have any complexes?
by Yasuyuki-san

That's not the case. I'm nothing but complexes. (⌒-⌒; )

I want you to dance to my band's song. What do I need to to to collab with you? ( ´・ω・`)
by Kohinata Miya-san

Let me join your band.←

Are you supersitious?
Right now I'm at Houtou Shrine in Shiga Prefecture.
It's said that if you visit you'll win the lottery... (^_^;)
If I won I would want to go on an expedition and go to your live!
by Shimo@Profligate-san

I'm the representative of the people who say they wish they would win the lottery and then don't buy a lottery ticket. (*^o^*) Haha

Kon-chikuwa! (」・ω・)
I'm always cheering for you. (*´∀`*)
How long is the longest you've ever grown your hair? (`・ω・)
by Rin。-san

Ummm. Just past my hips?

What do you do on days when you're feeling down? (´・_・`)
by Nya Nya-san

I sleep. (*^3^*)

This is my first time asking a question!
I live overseas and translate DANCEROID's blogs. (Although I've been too busy to recently. Sorry. ><) Do you remember me?
Also, I love One Piece and Arashi from Johnny's Entertainment.
I've never seen you write about them on your blog, but do you like them too?
by Xhirachu-san

Thank you very much!
You told me about the blogs on Twitter, right? I remember!
I haven't watched One Piece in ages. (゚o゚;;
The members of Arashi look like they get along so well and they're all so talented. I think they're really great. (*^o^*)

Question (・◡・)♪*. 
Before you said something that sounded like you were interesting in UtaPri.
Are there any other otome games you're interested in?
I like Hakuoki. Do you know that one? (´>ω<`)
by Momo⋈.-san

Did I say that...!?
I don't play video games, nope. (゚o゚;;

How can I become good at dancing like you?
by kousuke9013-san

Dance a lot?
Also, I think it would help if you were able to get a lot of people to watch your dancing. (*^o^*)

Where do you want to go right now?
by kousuke9013-san

Hmmm My home in Malaysia. (*^o^*)

From your point of view, what sort of qualities must a "cute girl" have?
I want to use you as a reference. (*´∀`)
by *◦*◦Misa◦*◦*-san

Someone who's eloquent. (*^o^*)

What do you want right now?
by kousuke9013-san

Work, clothes, shoes, makeup, a big room... There's no end!
Realistically speakinhg, an external CD/DVD drive for my MacBook and pocket Wi-Fi. Haha

Is there a certain kind of pasta that you recommend? (・ω・) If so, please let me know. ★
by mituki really hates school.-san

Dona's sea urchin and asparagus tomato cream pasta is delicious!

What is your favorite anime?
by kousuke9013-san

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Nichijou, K-ON!...etc?
I don't know that many anime! (⌒-⌒; )

Hello. I sometimes reply to you on Twitter, but I've never commented on your blog.
I have a question. It seems that you get a lot of fan letters from females. Do you get some from males too?
Also, when I send you a letter, I don't want to send a normal one. I want to send a scroll/folded letter, but would it be troublesome?
(TN: I couldn't find a good translation of 巻き手紙. Google Image it.)
I'm in the production business and I've ended up with too much paper...
Please answer!
by Araki-san

I receive fan letters from males sometimes! ★☆
A scroll! How new! Haha
I'm eagerly awaiting your letter. ♪

I have a question for Ikura-chan! Do you drink??
by Mii(ノ)ω(ヾ)-san

I-I-I d-don't.

What are fans to you?
by kousuke9013-san

We cheer each other up, support each other, trust each other. They really are an indispensable presence. (*^o^*)

To be continued...★☆