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This weeks corners are...

▽Member Corners
・Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonnna Senryu!」
Collecting 5-7-5 senryu on a topic! This week's theme is 「summer vacation」.
・Aikawa Kozue's 「Bomu Bomu★Night Fever」
Collecting stories about riajuu!
・Maam's 「Maamutta!」
Collecting your careless stories!

▽Penalty Game Corner
Collecting cute lines that you want the members to say!

▽Q&A Corner
Collecting questions from the listeners to DANCEROID!

Yuzuki will be the moderator!


This week the topic for my senryu corner is
「Teach me! How to fight the heat! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))」

We don't have many entries for the Q&A and penalty game corners this week.
We're awaiting a bunch of submissions
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(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Answers 4! Q&A Corner @ Candy

What item do you recommend this summer?!
I want to see your favorite pictures of the other members. ヽ(●´∀`●)ノ

My... recommended summer item...
For a shut-in like me...
Air conditioning, of course.←
I have so many pictures of the other members that it's difficult to search through them, so here are some from what's on my iPhone!
This is a picture of Maam from during the tour. w She was ready for this picture. w

This one for King! I think this is from when we were filming for maimai? She looks so soft.

Kozu Kozu's is from galaxias! She look good with this hairstyle.♪

I'm think about cosplaying DANCEROID, but I cant' really tell what kind of boots you wear, so could you please tell me?(´・ω・`;)
Also, sometimes your socks are black and sometimes they're white. How do you decide which ones to wear?
I've only commented a few time, but I read your blog every day!
I love you so much it's painful!←

We wore them for galaxias too!

The socks were supposed to be white at first, but we wore black for the Jounetsu wo Upload. On the same day we did a shoot for the DVD jacket and our uniforms' knee socks on the illustration for the jackets ended up being black. When someone forgets their socks you can quickly buy black ones, but white are harder to find so we decided to just make them black. w

I always read your blog.(*´∀`*)
While growing your hair out to its current length did you ever want to cut it short? (´・ω・`)
Even if I want to grow mine out I'm quick to cut it so mine is always short. Haha
One more, it's more of a request than a question. Please think of a reading for 「木公禾り」.><
By the way, 「木公禾り」=「松利」(matsuri).★

I want to cut it short every day!
Well, I might not want it short, but shorter. Haha
But since it's this long already it would feel like a waste to cut it so I want to keep it long for a while. Haha
「Kikou Nogiri」-san.

This is my first comment! Your hair is so smooth and pretty. (・ω・`) I'm jealous!
My skin is so dry recently... Especially my forehead... (cries)
What do you do when you have dry skin? ><

Sometimes my skin gets incredibly dry! (´・ω・`)
I take supplements, eat a lot of vegetables, and use facial packs... ('-')

Why did you decide to upload videos??

When I uploaded my first video to Nico I was living in Malaysia and had nothing else to do... ('-')

I always read your blog.♪
When I think of you I think of beautiful, long hair. Do you have any tips for taking care of your hair?
I want smooth hair like yours. ( ´艸`)

Thanks (*^o^*)
It seems like there's a strong image of my beautiful, long hair which bewilders me. ('-')←
I don't do anything in particular and I dye it a lot so I'm really damaging it. d=(^o^)=b
But I do my best to condition it every day...!
Apparently it's good to go to the beauty salon for it regularly! ('-')

Hello ♪( ´▽`)
I always look forward to reading your blog!
I have a request rather than a question. I'd like to know how you take care of your skin. Also, if you could, please tell us how you do your makeup recently, what makeup you use (just what's changed since last time is fine (>_<)), and what sunscreen you use!
Sorry for being greedy. Please only answer what you can! (>_<)

At night I remove my makeup(Perfect Whip)→wash my face(Perfect Whip)→lotion(off brand for stressed skin)→milky lotion(off brand)→moisturizing cream(off brand and those I receive as gifts)
Apparently it's not good to wash your face in the morning. ('-')
I just wash with lukewarm water. ('-')
I use Rose of Heaven Aquari Gel UV sunscreen. (^ー゜)
It'll be long if I write about my makeup, so I'll write another entry when I have time. ('-')

Ikura-san, konnichiwonderful!
If you were able to use one type of magic, what would it be!?
Not super powers like X-ray vision or psychokinesis, but something like instantly making someone have a bald circle.
There are no prices to pay or risks when using your magic.

I would become a witch and be able to use whatever kind of magic whenever I wanted. d=(^o^)=b

Do you know Gloomy and General Purpose Rabbit?
I love these characters.←

I didn't know General Purpose Rabbit so I Googled it and it's really cute!!!

Hello Ikura-chan!!
I always read your blog. ^^
I have a question, do Nico dancers and singers live in the metropolitan area?? (TN: within Tokyo?)
Also, do you think it would be difficult to be active locally...? (TN: outside of Tokyo?)
I'm living pretty far away from Tokyo right now, so I'm really curious. ><
Please answer!!
I'll always be your fanこ////I'm cheering for you!!!

I don't think so! ('-')
Actually, I don't really know where people live. ('-')

I watch DANCEROID's live DVD Girls Be Ambitious! that I bought at the HQ even about three times a week. w
The live shots are cool and I like them,
but like you said, I really like the bonus off shots. www
Sorry this hasn't been a question. w
Can I send you a letter?

Thanks for watching it so much. ヽ(´ω`)ノ
I'm always waiting for letters. (*^o^*)

You're really stylish. Are there any exercises that you do regularly??

I roll around a lot. ('-')

Since when did you have long hair?
Also, do you stretch or train? If so, what kind of things do you do?

Hmmm I had very short hair in kindergarten and have had it long almost continuously since then.
I cut it all off once in high school!
Besides that it's always been long. ('-')

Question 1
How do you learn dances?
It takes me a long time to learn dances.
Sometimes I'll learn the hand movements, but not the feet...
What should I do?
Question 2
Your hair always looks so smooth.
What kind of shampoo do you use?
Question 3
You put pictures on your blog.
Please tell me the name of your camera app.
Thank you.

1) I watch the video several times and get the feel for it and then I try to dance along. ('-')
The more you learn the easier it will get. d=(^o^)=b Do your best!
2) I use Reveur shampoo. (*^o^*)
3) camera+ (*^o^*)

What kind of hair style did you have for your coming of age ceremony?
I turned twenty on my last birthday and my coming of age ceremony is next year. I'd like to use you as a reference.♪


Sorry, I don't have many pictures that you can really see the hairstyle...

My hair was super long so I think they did braids and gathered them at them top...
I got it done at a beauty salon, but I was sleepy so I don't really remember... ('-')

What is something you'd want to do if you were a boy!? (^O^)

If I were handsome I feel like I could do anything... ('-')




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Answers 3! Q&A Corner @ Candy

I have a question!
I went to the daytime performance of
Girls be Ambitious! in Fukuoka.
Tsuttsuratsuuu (smooth)!
Do you remember that? (^q^)♪
If there are any other words from the local dialect
that you're curious about, please let me know. 
I love you, Ikura-chan! (//ω//)♪

Thanks for coming to the Fukuoka performance!
I remember tsuttsuratsu. (*^o^*)
The road is tsuttsuratsu! Right? (*^o^*)
Dialect I'm curious about... I don't know! Haha

You're so cute it hurts. 。゚゚(PД`q゚*)゚。
I always look forward to reading your blog! ♡
...It's not really
I want you to upload pictures of the cosplays you've done so far!
I liked your rabbit ear maid dress from Ie Love and sailor fuku! ♡

Thanks d=(^o^)=b
It's not a question so I'll find some time, take pictures, and then upload them. ☆

Please recommend a store to me! Something in Tokyo please!
I really want to go there so please tell me!!

By store do you mean a clothing store? A restaurant? A miscellaneous goods store? ('-')
(TN: The Japanese word "mise" can be used to refer to any of the above.)
Um, well, Laforet. ('-')←

Well then...
What kind of salad dressing do you use?
Sorry for the question that no one cares about. ><

Italian or Japanese!
Sometimes Ceasar!\
But I like marinated salad too!
Ah, I love salad!

Hello, Ikura-chan!
My question is 【I'm on a diet right now. Do you have any recommendations for me? (´・_・`) I lost 3 kg, but haven't been able to lose any since then... I know you have gastroptosis, but please give me some tips! ( ; _ ; )】☆
I'm cheering for you.♪

Before MTP-sensei said...
don't eat after ○ o'clcok at night!
That way you get hungry, can wake up early, and it's healthy!
But I'm not very knowledgeable about it! ><

A Lively Neet-san
Hello ^^
Excuse the promptness, but I have a question.
Recently, within Disney character, you really like the Little Green Men, but frankly, what do you like about them?
Thank you!

That's a good question! Haha
Their color, bodies, three eyes, voice, everything about them is cute...
But their duck lips are so cute... (*^o^*)

I've really liked you for a long time. (*゚▽゚*)
This is my first time being able to comment on your question corner! I'm so excited!\
During the summer where do you travel to? What oceans do you go to?
Also, I really like your clothes!
Where do you mainly shop?? (*^ω^*)
I want to know for summer vacation. ( *`ω´)

I really don't go anywhere special during the summer... Ahaha
But I love Malaysia and southern countries that have cool nights!
The beach is beautiful at night and it's calming...
There are so many people at the beach in Japanese during the summer, I don't like it. ('-')
I shop in Harajuku a lot!
Ah... Sorry I'm unhelpful. ('-') I recommend going overseas.←

Please answer my question!
It's been really hot recently.
Are you doing anything to prevent tanning? (^O^☆♪
Your skin is very beautiful
so please tell me!

I use sunscreen!
I don't really... do anything else... ('-')
Maam always uses a parasol. ('-')

This is y first time commenting on your question corner. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Is there anything you think or do the day before a live? ><
I'm looking forward to King's birthday event. ☆

The day before a live I'm scrupulous about checking our outfits and props!! Haha
But someone always forget something still. _ノ乙(、ン、)_
At birthday events we mainly talk with people and are close so I use facial packs in vain. w
King's birthday event is coming up soon! I can't wait!

Thank you very much for doing a question corner. (*゚▽゚)ノ
Well then...
When I go to your lives I wave a green glow stick, but can you see them when you're dancing? I feel like you can't see them while dancing so forcefully? I'm curious, so please tell us. (*'▽'*)

I reeeeeally see them!!!
I get excited when I see the lights from the glow sticks, so I'm happy when there are a lot! Haha

Dai-chan@Nico Chu-san
Please tell us your favorite male gestures!! ww

I want one to pat me on the head. (*^o^*)

I love you so much. w
Will you tell me what shampoo you're using right now?
Also, my name is Luna. Please give me a meaningless nickname.└(:3」┌)┘

I use Reveur!
Nickname... Iimiwakaran.
(TN: meaningless - imi wakaranai)