(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Re: Fan Letters @ Tour Tokyo/Osaka 2

A continuation of my last post! (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)

ラブレターDear Ayase JunaChan,
You cam from that far away!? Thank you (´;ω;`)
I don't think I could have ridden a bullet train by myself when I was your age!!! w
Sujiko will be happy to hear that you like her too.♪
If you can, please come to see us in Sendai as well. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

ラブレターDear MochiChan,
Ohakonbanwanko! (*´ω`*)つLove⊂(^0^) (Not: A combination of good morning, good evening, and dog)
Kiki Lala is so cute. hshs
You comment on my Ameblo! Thank you!
So you've been my fan since Seikan Hikou too. ★Thank you, Seikan Hikou.★
And you came from far away as well... (´;ω;`)
Congratulations on passing your exmas!!!!!!
Repayment! This letter is more than enough. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

ラブレターDear YumiChan,
Ohhh, I'm glad the live was exciting!
You had exams, huh, good work! (´;ω;`)
I'll work hard to make all of the bad and painful things fly away!
If there's ever something bothering you... or even if there isn't, please come see us to become even happier.♪
I'll be waiting. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

ラブレターDear YukiChan,
L-lolita purikura hshshshs (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:) Haahaa
You too, since Seikan Hikou!! Seikan Hikou is amazing!! I'm so happy!!
Namikkii! We've known each other for a really long time, but she's always been such a friendly person. \(^o^)/
I see, if you're lolita then Namikkii must be like a god to you?
I think she's a genius when it comes to making girls look cute!
But you're cute so I think you're much more suited to being a lolita model than me!!
You're only twenty, so you've got your whole future ahead of you! If you work hard, then surely...★
You were concerned because of the live. >< But I got to see your purikura and hshs so it's OK. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)
I'm not always happy, but please watch over us so that one day we'll be able to perform at the Hall! Haha

ラブレターDear OkimiwataruChan,
Your drawing is so cuuute! (*´ω`*)
There are a lot of things about me that are incomplete, so I feel like it's a waste of words to respect me, but I can do my best if there's even one person who thinks that way of me.♪
I'll continue to work hard so that I can be in a lot of magazines and stuff.★
Please write me another letter sometime. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

ラブレターDear KyuuriChan,
(*´ω`*) Mokyu!
Your galaxias! costume was really cute!! Thank you!
You came to our Osaka FES last year too! I'm so happy! ><
Of course I would be happy if you came to a lot, but even if you only come once and support us from your home we're all very grateful.♪
What could you mean by "something"!? (;・∀・) I'm so curious!
I'm looking forward to it. ヽ(´ω`)ノ
I think that if I have fun then so will everyone else, so I'll continue to enjoy myself!
I love you too!

ラブレターDear SatsukiChan,
Thank you for knowing of DANCEROID!!
I'll work hard so that we can go to Osaka more.★★
I'll be sure to update about each of the tour stops on my blog and Twitter , so look forward to it.♪
Your handmade key holders are amazing!!!!!!!!!
You captured our features in the illustrations and they're so charming~~(ノ´∀`*)
I'll give them to everyone.♪

ラブレターDear SanaChan,
It doesn 't matter if you're a girl, be my bride. (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:) Haahaa
I'm happy because Strobo Nights holds a lot of memories for me!
King recommended that I show my forehead.♪
Y-you've never made a weird face!?
I'll work hard so that we can do more events in Osaka! ><
(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)←He's squeezing his cheeks with his hands!
Do you see it? w
Thanks for the bath additive too. (^人^)

ラブレターDear UnikoChan,
This message card is cute!
I'm so happy that you've liked me for four years!!!
Thanks for liking me even after I took off my mask!!
Thank you very much for making submissions to DANCEROIDing too. (*´ω`*)
Please give my best to your husband as well.♪
YOu're coming to the Fukuoka performance too!?
I'm glad that we'll be able to meet again!! I'm looking forward to it.★★

ラブレターDear KiobiChan,
Uhha ww I get it, \828 ww
I would be surprised too if the remaining amount on my Suica was \828. w
And thanks for your missionary work for DANCEROID!!!!! Haha
Did your friends enjoy the live too...? dkdk
I'll be waiting for you odottemita report.♪Don't panic, just enjoy yourself.♪
Thank you for the gift too!! ><
I love those tom hyum noodles!!!!
The expiration date was 828. ww I ate them right away. www
Whenever I get down, my fans are very kind to me, so I'll do my best for everyone!
It's a happy cycle.★★
I love you!!

I'm going to fold my laundry and continue later. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)

I'll show you the gifts that I received too. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Re: Fan Letters @ Tour Tokyo/Osaka

Things felt all formal earlier and it looks like you all were worried, but I'm doing this because I want to so it's okay. ♪
More than 「for everyone's sake」, of course it's because I'm grateful, but also because I care and I want to talk with you all. >< Haha

With that being said, I'm going to reply to the fan letters that I received during the tour in Tokyo and Osaka.♪

ラブレターDear AaminChan,
The UniSan on the envelope is so cute!!
Since Seikan Hikou, thank you for liking me for such a long time!!
You don't have to aim for my body type. (;・∀・) A healthy body type is the best!
You please be careful not to catch a cold as well.♪
Please continue to support me. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

ラブレターDear SuzakuChan and KarinChan
Thank you for the very cute heart shaped colored paper. ♥♥
SuzakuChan, you weren't disillusioned when you saw me in real life, were you? (:.;゚;Д;゚;.:)
KarinChan, even though my legs are like this, I've never broken them. They're surprisingly strong.★

ラブレターDear SuzakuChan,
Thanks for the message card as well.♪
You're drawing is so good!!! Thanks for beautifying me!!!
Everyone makes me happy too. ヽ(´ω`)ノ
Thanks for the present as well.★

ラブレターDear PiroriChan,
A handmade card!? Cuuute!!
Thanks for coming to see me live for the first time!!!
Did you like the live? Did you have fun?
We'll do another, so wait for it. ヽ(´ω`)ノ
Let's meet in front of the computer or at a live.♪

ラブレターDear ReiChan,
I'm glad that you like the UniSan maid's dress.★★
Also, I don't watch Precure that often so I don't know much about it. ヽ(;´Д`)ノ
But when I watched it before I thought YayoiChan was clever and cute! w
Blue and green color contacts are a surprisingly good fit.♪
I recently bought new gray and pink ones.♪I'll put them on my blog sometime.♪

ラブレターDear HonokaChan,
You came to our live in Osaka last year too! I'm so happy!!
I'll do my best so that we're able to go to Osaka and other places more frequently! ><
I was actually born in Kobe, so I would be really happy if DANCEROID could go to Kobe.♪
Thanks for the gift too.★ヽ(´ω`)ノ
It's so nice that we can all be made happy with dancing!
I hope that you can shine with whatever it is that you love too.★

ラブレターDear HadzukiChan,
Kyaaa!! I love Tanemura Arina!!! Thank you!! ><
When I dance, all of the bad things go flying away!♪
When I see everyone's faces at a live all of the bad things fly away and I'm happy, so I'm grateful to everyone!
Please come again.♪

I'm hungry so I'll continue later. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<About replies to fan letters

Today is my first day off in a while and the weather's bad so I opened gifts from the tour in Tokyo and Osaka and read fan letters and now I'm feeling good. (・ω・)

Don't worry, everyone... (´-ω-`) But I'm really happy! Thank you!!

So, about fan letters!

First, thank you so much to everyone who bring fan letters to our concerts and events and to those who send them to our office!
They really do make me happy. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

I've been asked several times in the past, but I've never written replies to fan letters.
I say this flat out because I don't want anyone to get their hopes up...
I read them all, of course!

But you know... Handwriting has emotion in it.
When someone writes that they're really nervous as they're writing I get all, "Thank you thank you thank you UuuUUuuWAAAAAA"!

I wonder what it is. I love everyone equally...

Before I started DANCEROID, when I started uploading videos to Nico and was on Mixi, when I first started my blog I answered all of the comments, but after a while I wasn't able to respond tot hem all and people would say, "You used to respond to us." or "You're busy, so there's nothing you can do about it." and it pained me...

I really am grateful for your comments and fan letters!! I'm being supported!!
I'm sure that if I tried I could reply to all of them now too!
But I don't want anyone to be sad!!

I'm finally able to respond with my current Q&A corner and stuff, but even that has rules...
That's different somehow!

It's differeeeeent.

So, once I straightened out my feelings I came to the conclusion that...

maybe I can at least, at least use this blog to reply to the people who took the time out of their day to hand write me a fan letter...

I made a new category called 「Re: Fan Letters」.

There are a lot of people who at lives tell me, "I always read your blog."
I'm sure the people who write me fan letters are reading my blog, so it's ok, right?

From now on, when I receive fan letters I'll find time and, although it's not direct, hopefully my replies will reach them!!

I don't want to be unable to reply to then all later so I don't think I'll reply to everyone at first...
But I'll reply if I can.
Of course, I hope to reply to some of my blog comments as well.

I love you all.




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<IkuraSan, do you not cook for yourself?

Now that I think about it

Ah, I haven't lately, have I? (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)

When I realized that I suddenly want to cook something.

It's not that I don't like it, but don't you open your house up a lot lately?

Then your vegetables and stuff go bad quickly!
How wasteful!

So that means. That, huh. You know, that...

It's not that I don't like cooking but...

I'm bad at using things efficientlyyy Dammiiit (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)

So, well, yesterday after work I stopped by the supermarket and bought whatever I felt like.
But I forgot to buy my beloved eggs...

I bought some butter rolls so this morning I thought I'd make some avocado dip.
I have the cream cheese kiri that I love too.

But I don't have any eggs...

Making anything with a butter roll, but having no eggs can be lethal. (To me)


I'll make the pasta that I love!!!

I didn't buy any pasta noodles!!!!!!!!!!!!

They're the same noodles so I'll just use udon. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)

That is what we have here.
I used tomatoes, avocados, chopped up unions, lightly fried it with a ton of olive oil, put some salt, pepper, and lemon juice, dumped it on top of some boiled udon, put cream cheese kiri on top, and sprinkled basil on it.

It was good. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)

It's not something I would serve to others though. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)

I actually prefer to emulsify boiled pasta noodles in a fry pan.

I used to work part-time at a cafe with an Italian chef so this must be true.

Please Google emulsification for more details.

And that was my theory on self-catering that no one cares about.


Uhhh, my home is always open to brides who can cook complicated dishes. (^ω^ ≡ ^ω^)