(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!

Hoi hoi, the always familiar!
Ikura Nandemo Hamidashi Senryuu Corner!

I'm going to show you some of the poems that I wasn't able to read during the Nico Live!

Last week's theme was 「Good Things About Where You Live!」

So with that being saaaiiid

Ready, gooo!★


【Handle Name】: Torahiko47
【Gender】: Male
【Age】: 40~49
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
Here you go

FujiSan ga

Yama no mukou ni
Choito mieru

(You can see
a bit of FujiSan
Past that mountian)

The northern half of Mt. Fuji is in Yamanashi,

but in the area that I live in
there's another mountain in the way
so you can only see from about the seventh station up.
You can't see it at all from the school that I went to.
Is this good or bad.
Well, I'll see you at Ueno!

Ohhh I've never seen it before so I'd like to!
You came to see us at Ueno!
Thank you very much. ★

【Handle Name】: Matsuri
【Gender】: Male
【Age】: 10~19
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
Since you changed your corner there hasn't been a theme that I could submit to
so this is my first submission in a while!

 Mainichi mieru,
 Fuji no yama』

『I can see Mt. Fuji
Every day
After school

I'm tired of looking at Mt. Fuji. Haha
But Mt. Fuji is majestic and beautiful!

What is something nice about your hometown?

Thanks for submitting!
Now we have someone who can see Mt. Fuji properly!!! ww
Isn't that niiice. I want to see it. Mt. Fuji's so niiice.
Ummm I'm from the deep sea so I guess your friends are nice. I mean, they light up and stuff.

【Handle Name】: Sasaki
【Gender】: Male
【Age】: 20~29
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
Konbanroidooon m9(´ー`)

I thought seriously about the good things about my neighborhood and tried writing this poem.

「Sakura saku Jurei 800 Kabazakura

「Cherry blossoms bloom 800 year old Bulrush cherry blossom」

There is an 800 year old cherry blossom tree that is a national monument where I live.

It used to be called 「Nihon Godai Sakura」. It's Japanese name is 「Kabazakura」 and is the only of it's breed in the world. Doyaa

I wasn't able to go flower viewing last year, but I want to this year~(´ω`) Don't you?

I'm going to Ueno on the 20th! I'm looking forward to it. (゜▽゜)

Ohhh! Thank you very much for coming to Ueno. ★
A serious poem!! w
That's very nice. Cherry blossoms are pretty, aren't they?
And it's the only one in the world!? Isn't that amazing!?
I want to go flower viewing too!! Hana yori dango♪Sake♪

【Handle Name】: Misshii3232
【Gender】: Male
【Age】: 30~39
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
Here's a poem on something nice about where I live.

Urayama de Takenoko to kuri Torimakuri

(Collecting a bunch Of bamboo shoots and chestnuts Behind the mountain)

There's a mountain behind my house.

In the spring you can pick as many bamboo shoots as you want
and in the fall, wild chestnuts.
(I own this land, of course.)

It's bamboo shoot season.
Do you like hunting for bamboo shoots?
They're sweet and crisp~♪

Bamboo shoot hunting!!! I've done it before!!! Isn't it fun!!
I think I like hunting for them more than I like eating them. Haha
Fall and chestnuts are nice too. Grapes too.
I wish it were fall~~

【Handle Name】: Pizzaria
【Gender】: Male
【Age】: 20~29
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
Konbanroid, everyone!

I live in the countryside quite a ways south of Osaka.
「Mizunasu to Yuumei jizake Mecha umai」

「Eggplant and Famous local sake Is really good」This might give away where I live, but
our local sake won the gold three years in a row at the nationwide new sake evaluation.
The eggplant is so famous that that's definitely what comes to mind when asked what the area's notable product is.

Also, the air tastes good in the countryside.

That sounds goooood!
Wait! Eh!? Wow!! Congratulations!!!??!?
The air in the countryside really is good, isn't it.
But I really want to try your eggplant! And drink the local sake! ((o(´∀`)o))!!

【Handle Name】: Picogram
【Gender】: Female
【Age】: 10~19
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
Konbanroid, everyone!*
This is my first submission!

I live in Shizuoka...

『Fuyu ni nari
   Yuki ga furu tabi
『When winter comes
   And it starts to snow
      There is an uproar』

It doesn't snow much in Shizuoka!
When it snowed while I was in school everyone would go outside and act like elementary schoolers. Haha]
The thing that's good about Shizuoka is that it's warm!!

I know what you meeean!!
Snow is exciting, isn't it!
Although I don't want it to snow when I have to go out...
But I want to have a snowball fight with the other members on a day when I don't have anything to do. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

【Handle Name】: Korone
【Gender】: Female
【Age】: 10~19
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
This is my first submission. \(^^)/

I live...

『Nodoka dayo
Mawari wa minna

『It's peaceful
Everyone around me
Is an old lady』

Well, there are others besides old ladies. ^^;

In the spring there are old ladies planting rice.

In the summer there are old ladies growing cucumbers.

In the fall there are old ladies going for walks.

In the winter there are old ladies shoveling snow.


It was old ladies after all...

By the way, the old men are driving around on cool things like tractors. ☆

I love the place where I live. ///

Old ladies wwww
That does sound peaceful~~~!!
The old men on tractors sound cool too. ww
It's good that you like where you live. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

【Handle Name】: Tatoratowo
【Gender】: Male
【Corner You'd Like to Submit to】: Ikura's 「Ikura Nandemo Sonna Senryuu!」
Konbanroid, everyone!

I was born in Sapporo, so I wrote a poem about Hokkaido.

Uni ikura Kaisenmono ga Oishisugiru

Sea urchin, caviar The seafood Is really good

Hokkaido is countryside so the air, food and seafood like sea urchins are all good.

People who come here to eat often say that Hokkaido's revolving sushi is just as good as the sushi that you can't get in Tokyo.

Please have some of Hokkaido's delicacies when you come to Sapporo for the tour. w=

I was waiting for thiiiiis!
I've already decided that I'm going to eat, eat eat when I go to Hokkaido!!
Wait for me, Sapporooooo!


This week's theme is
「Things that you think are... small」!

Things that you can't help but be cheap about or stories about how you couldn't take action because you didn't have enough courage...
Please submit a lot!♪

ラブレターSubmisison Mail Form

Oh, also, as an extra!

I tried the 「Seafood Noodle and Natto」 from King's Choitashi corner so look forward to that. ww=

The next broadcast is this Sunday at 9PM.★

Maam has something she has to do, so she won't be there though. (;´Д`)
Please watch if you'd like~♪






Thank you very much for watching PricoSan's live~( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
It was so, so, so much fun. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
PricoSan drew portraits of us!
Maam's angle. www
We were so happy that we drew PricoSan too. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I hope we can do something else together again! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
I definitely want her to come be on DANCEROIDing!!
We got really fired up. (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))
Thank you very much~♪


PekoChan ( ›◡ु‹ )
There was a chukichi (Note: medium blessing omikuji)!!
DANCEROID inside a basket.♪
And me. Haha




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Nico Live Appearance Today★

We're going to appear on PricoSan's live. She appeared at our live yesterday. ★

DANCEROID Members Appear!! 「Pritte! Pritte! Guests are coming SP!!」

I hope we can talk a lot about the tour, including yesterday's live! ♪

We might dance and stuff too. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

Please watch!




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<The tour's started and

And the first day has ended successfully!!
Thank you very much, everyone. (;_;)
It was so much fun!!!

we announced this during the encore, but...


on June 3rd...!!


is going to have a one man live!!!

Thank you so much!!
Date: June 3rd, 2012 (Sun)
OPEN/START1: 12:30PM/1:00PM
OPEN/START2: 6:00PM/6:30PM
Tickets: Advanced \3,500/Day Of \4,000

Tickets go on sale: 3/31 (Sat)
Sold through Lawson Tickets
Contact: O-WEST 03-5784-7088

Please come see us after we've grown from the nationwide tour. (;_;)




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Finally Tomorrow!

Finally, tomorrow!!
The tour starts!!

I wonder if everything will be ok...

I'm full of anxiety!

Yesterday after rehearsal, Maam and King came to my house and used that eraser stamp for stamp rallies. (^-^)/
Handmade (^-^)/
I was making the SE that we're going to use for the live. Haha

Today was the last rehearsal!

Snacks are vital for a long rehearsal...!
This L Chiki Burger was delicious!

It's ok!
I'm sure it will be fun!

After that we went shopping again...

We worked at the office and sign (more like graffitied) the special reservation DVDs!
Look forward to them. ★

Now I'm going to go home and finish the rest of my work!!!

I CAN DO IIIIITTT ((((;゚Д゚)))))))((((;゚Д゚)))))))((((;゚Д゚)))))))

I'll work hard
while looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Thanks for the Nico Live!

Thank you very much for watching the 38th★DANCEROIDing. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)
We made a lot of announcements during the Nico Live!
I'll update with more details later. (^-^)/

By the way, my corner's
theme for next week is
「How tiny...」!

Stories about being unintentionally stingy or not having enough courage to do something etc...
Please submit a bunch.♪

ラブレターSubmission Mail Form
Also, I'm going to participate in the "natto in seafood noodle" from King's Choi Tashi corner. w


Extras from yesterday's shopping. ✩

After walking so much, the pasta I had was such an oasis! (;_;)
We went to HQ and there was a countdown for the Cho Kaigi!
Yesterday there were 42 days left, so that means there' 41!! wktk!
And we took it at the HQ...

that rumored purikura!!

Amazing!! I'd been wanting to do that!!

Now!Only two days until the tour starts!!

Two days!?!?

Oh my gooosh ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

I'll do my best!!

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone. (=´∀`)人(´∀`=)





Today at 9PM!

My senryuu corner,
this week's theme is
「Something good about the place that you live!」!

Because the tour's soon!
Please tell me something good about your city!

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