(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<September 16th

I want to the Nico Nico HQ with ChuiChan, a dancer who I've been friends with for a long time, and drew on a notebook. (`_´)ゞ
Try looking for it. 
We ate food, talked a lot, and it was really fun~w

We took purikura too.  
 We took these with a new model called LADY BY TOKYO!

 Good old Bijo cosme 3

Ikura: Heyyy, what's your email address~?
Chui: But those are glasses...

Always Love ♥ Always Together
Uni Uni Chui Chui Nyasu Nyasu

We ate dinner with Maam and had fun girls talk.  

We had really good mont blancs from the convenience store.  
I'll have to buy some more sometime. ♪
ChuiChan gave me this hair clip for my birthday.  
It's so cute.  Thank you.  

The first time I met ChuiChan she was still a middle schooler? High schooler...w

Time goes by so quickly it's scary. Lol.

Let's hang out again sometime!★

That's what my Friday was like~  




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<I have a lot of things to write about!

I haven't written a proper entry since Friday...!

To write a rough summary...

On Friday I played with ChuiChan and that night we went out to eat with Maam. (。-_-。)ラブラブ
We didn't take any pictures together.あせる

We had lessons on Saturday!
We got caught in the rain on the way there.
On Sunday we had the second Ikura & Yuzuki birthday event.ベル
It was a lot of fun.ドキドキ
On the way home we went to the Jan Svankmajer museum.  

I'll update later with pictures and details. (`_´)ゞ  

It might be a bit of a demon of an update. Please forgive me. (>_<)  




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Gacha and...

You can win wallpapers from gacha in the Ameba Celebrity mall!!

When you play the gacha pon you will will one of seven different wallpaper images of each member. (・ω・)★

If you collect all seven you win a special complete wallpaper.  

Also, five people who complete the set will be chosen by lottery to win autographed cheki!

Each member will sign five so that's twenty winners in total!

Each member has their own shop so click on the following links with your cell phones. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

 Aikawa Kozue Shop

 Itokutora Shop

 Yuzuki Shop

 Maam Shop

You can play until 10/16 (Sun) at 23:59:59!
Please make note! ><

Ameba staff will contact winners of the lottery by Ameba message after 10/17 so be careful not to miss it!
Please be careful! ><

And I've already made announcements about these, but here's a recap of the events that we're going to participate in!

 September 25th, 2011
上Shanghai Japan Week

 October 9th, 2011

 Ocotber 22nd, 2011
GeMaga FES

 December 27th, 2011
Second Eden New Date Confirmed/Announcement About Refunds

I'm really looking forward to all of these events!!

Eh, but, there's only one week until Shanghai Japan Week...(; ・`д・´)

It's only Kozu Kozu and I, but it's going to be our first time in Shanghai!
I'll do my best. (`・ω・´)  

I wonder what kinds of good foods there are in Shanghai...? wktk

But before that...

Tomorrow is the extra birthday event!
I can't wait~  (*´ω`*)

But before that...←

Tonight at 10PM is...

The 15th★DANCEROIDing!

See here for details on corners, submissions, and other contact information.♪
DANCEROIDing Mail Form

Please watch~★





(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<I'm 22, but

That person has a ribbon on their head!

You got a problem with that?
Today I used Masuwaka TsubasaSan's fake eyelashes for the first time today. They're so long!
I look like a gyaru!
Big eyes!

But these are half natural...!
By the way, my new contacts are Jewlove's Ruby Brown.
They're doari. Yo.
So, today I'm going out to play with my dancer friend ChuiChan who's in Tokyo!





The 15th★DANCEROIDing is on September 17th (Sat) at 10PM!

See here for corner details, submissions, and other contact information.♪
DANCEROIDing Mail Form

(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<King's Face is Flexible

These lips!!!!!
Isn't that amazing?
Can everyone do this?

So the other DANCEROID members accepted the challenge. (。-_-。)

First up is Maam!
Uuun... so close!!
She can almost do it~(。-_-。)

Next! Me!

Huh? I can do it even less than I thought...
I can usually do it a little bit better...
Oh, I'm not allowing Maam to meddle.←

And last...

Kozu Kozu...

Nothing. wwwwww She can't do it at all. wwwwwwwwwwww

That's what we did while having tea after recording Poker Face. w

Everyone practice too.★





The 15th★DANCEROIDing is September 17th (Sat) at 10PM!

See here for details on corners, submissions, and other contact information.♪
DANCEROIDing Mail Form