(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<November★Q&A★Answers Part 2

There are the answers to the questions that I asked for in this entry.
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Out of all of the solo videos you've uploaded so far, which is your favorite song?
Do you have plans for a new video?

Maybe where I tried dancing to the Yie Ar Kung Fu rap...
I have a lot of plans for new videos!

Have you treated yourself to any luxuries lately?
I bought a \3,000 ear cleaner.

Eh! I'm jealous! I want a good ear cleaner.
A recent luxury...
I had a lot of cake at the birthday event? w

 I to ku to ra PoisoningSan
IkuraChan, your legs are so thin and pretty! I'm jealous!
Is there anything you're careful of? (`・3・)
One more thing!
I have a test next week, but I can't concentrate at all. ww
What do you do when you can't concentrate? (`・⊆・ )

I'm careful not to get bitten by mosquitoes...
You can't do anything when you can't concentrate, huh~
I take a 30 minute nap and then try again. (´-ω-`)

Please give us your first impression of the DANCEROID members. (Including MinkaChan and COCO)(*^ω^*)♪

Is my first impression before I met them, when I saw their videos?
Well, when I first met them my impressions were...
Kozu Kozu: It's a high schoolerrr! She's surprisingly adult-like!
King: This girl has something...
Maam: I thought... that she was a reliable older sister... w
MinkaChan: She's just as beautiful as in her videos.
COCO: She has so much energy. wwww

What kind of foods are you into lately!?


I'm going to graduate from high school soon. What kind of pose should I do for our class photo?
I'm going to rely on your gag sense. ´`*

Eh are you ok with a gag? w
Well then, make a cute fa--
How about doing the Danjo pose with a super serious look on your face? w

 Goto Urban Oops OkameSan
Um, um, um.....
What is your favorite solid figure?


 (*´ω`*)←Make is popularSan
What fashion magazine do you read? (`・ω・´)
Also, what do you like on your sushi, besides caviar and sea urchin!

Sometiiimes I buy Zipper? I don't really read magazines. (´・ェ・`)
Oh, also, I like the magazine FUDGE! It's cute!
Caviar, sea urchin, sweet shrimp, and! Salmon!

☆When you're learning a new dance, do you use videos on Nico or YouTube?
☆I have a hard time learning new choreography. Is it easier to learn the arm or leg movements first? ><

I use mirrored videos on Nico. w
For me, I think I start with the arm movements most of the time.... but more importantly, I watch it over and over again to get the image in my head. w

Please tell us what convenience store sweets you recommend!☆
Oh, also, please tell us how to take cute pictures. (*´・ω・`*)

I recommend Kamadashi Torokeru Purin!
You should look at MinkaChan's Self-photography Course!

What kind of cosmetics do you use!?

A lot of different kinds!
I feel like I have a lot of Canmake, but I just buy ones that I think are cute. (´・ェ・`)

What is your best dish??
Also, when did you start cooking? (・∀・)

I'm really good at boiling pasta noodles. (kiri'
I can't say that I've really started cooking. ww

This year's almost over, but we still have that Charisma event, huh. (。-_-。)
I have a question!
Until what age did you believe in Santa?
Also, are there any presents that you want this year?
By the way, I've never once received a Charisma present from Santa so I don't believe in him. (´;ω;`)sniff

What was it. There was an event like that.←
I don't really dislike the Christmas atmosphere. w
Rather than believing in Santa, I wanted to believe in Santa.
I still want to believe in him...w
When I was in elementary school I saw the clothes that Santa had brought me in a nearby shopping mall and was a bit shocked. Haha
This year I want...
an ikemen Santa to says he wants me. (serious face)

What kind of personality does UniSan have??

UniSan is very upright and honorable. (ノ)・ω・(ヾ)

Do you do your own nails?
You always have such beautiful nails. I'm jealous. (*´ω`*)
Please tell us if you have an nail supplies that you recommend. (・v・)

That's riiight, but I'm thinking about bringing back my sea cucumber nails soon! ><
I just buy whatever products, so I don't really have any recommendations. :(;゙゚'ω゚'):←

Do you have a favorite perfume or perfume that you're interested in? (*^ω^*)

Lately I've been using Jeanne Arthes Sexy Girl Heroine Minnie perfume!
There are a lot of perfumes that I'm interested in so please recommend them to me!

 Honey LemonSan
Do you like lolita fashion??
I love you and Fukazawa MidoriChan. (*・ω・*)
I was really excited when I say that picture of you, KozueChan, and Midochin on you blog. ←

I like lolita!
I really like MidoriChan, so I was excited too. w

What is the most difficult song you've danced to so far?

Maybe HAKUMEI because of the sleeves and the naginata. w

I want to see you dance 「Kero 9 Destiny」 from Touhou Project! Do you have plans to dance it?

I'll put it on my list...!

I hate ikura (caviar), but I love you, IkuraChan!←
I have exams soon so I'll do my best! (`・ω・´) kiri'
Question (*´д`*)
Do you get troubled when you buy clothes?
Or are you an impulse shopper? ヽ(^ω^)ノ
And what kind of clothes do you like? (。0ω0。)

Eat ikura and do your best on your exams!←
I'm troubled over the first piece, but after I decide to buy it, then I start buying everyting. w
I like fluffy clothes, but lately I've been thinking about adding some black to my wardrobe...

What kind of snacks or food do you like??

By far, Italian! I like Thai food too! Japanese food too, of course!

I really want to see the world's otomeP's choreography.

Do you have any plans to upload some original choreography?
Or are there any songs that you want to choreograph?

Enough with the OtomeP. ww
I'm really, really , really, really bad at choreography...
When I hear a song that I like I think, "I wonder if someone will make a dance for this..." w

If you could, please give us some tips on doing makeup!! (≧∇≦)

Hide everything with concealer...

 Okamoto HarukaSan
What is the thing that you want most right now

More time

All of the corners of the pictures on your blog are rounded, aren't they?

What kind of app? do you use for that? (o・ω・o)

The iPhone app camera+


Nyan nyan




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<November★Q&A★Answers Part 1

These are the answers to the questions that I asked for in this entry. ★
Thank you for all of the comments. (*´д`*)

 This is a 「Q&A Corner」, so from now on I'm going to pretend that I didn't see comments that aren't questions...
Sorry. >< Please feel free to contact me on Twitter!

 If there are multiples of a questions I'll answer the one that was first!

 If you'd like, please see my previous Q&A's also.♪

 I'll slowly answer questions throughout November. ♪ Please wait patiently...

 I normally answer questions on Twitter!
Please feel free to contact me there if you couldn't make the deadline. ★


 Min AyakaSan
What is the most fun dance you've learned so far??
Including the bonus dances. w←

Maji LOVE was really fun. w

I'm growing my hair out to look like yours. What do you think I should do to help it grow faster...?!←
Also, please tell us what your favorite snacks are. **

I heard that if you pull on your hair, it'll grow. Although it's just a rumour!
Also, if you put your hair up and stuff...
My favorite snacjks... I like chiffon cake and tarts with a lot of fruit...
I can't eat really sweet things!

Are you good at science and math??

I liked science and math in middle school, but I hated it once I got into high school.

Do you cosplay outside of events?
If you have your own cosplays, I'd like to see pictures. ∩^ω^∩

I don't do it outside of events. I'm sorry. (´・ェ・`)
I'll upload pictures when I do~

I'm going to start high school in about two years. Is there anything you think I should do while I'm in high school?

Prepare and review...

 Black Hole Musume@ May 25th 9PM 1294 Square DegreesSan
Do you ever disagree with or fight with the other members?
If so, how do you settle things?

It's surprising how little we fight. w
Hmmm, when that sort of thing would happen in high school I would end up thinking of that person as a bad person, so I try not to get too involved now...
I think if you want to settle things, you should just discuss your honest feelings with them?

Have you every played Pokemon?
If you have, which generation was it? v
Also, do you have a favorite Pokemon? ^^*

I have~
I've played Black/White, but I think my favorite generation is Gold/Silver. w
My favorite Pokemon is Magnemite. (kiri'
Just kidding. ←

I want to write about you on my blog! (>_<)
May I?

Yeah, just don't write anything bad about me. Haha

Do you have any good countermeasures against the cold? It's difficult to get through the winter. (>_<)

Drink something warm!
Wear two pairs of tights!

 A (。?д?。)San
How do you take care of your body when you get tired from dancing?
Please tell us!

I dance while going "Hihhihhuuu"...

Who do you associate the phrase 「Maji Tenshi」(Seriously Angel) with??
Of course, I associate it with you, IkuraChan!!
She can't say anything but 「Yeeeah」 and 「Baboo」, but the image of you playing with TaraChan is seriously angelic. (* ・・*)Po

Yes, yes, yes, yes←
Hatsune Miku!

If you were to have a DANCEROID FES outside of Japan, where would you like to start from?

Hong Kong or Taiwan

Is the yellow-green skirt of your black DANCEROID outfit cabbage or lettuce?←

Cabbage (kiri'

What kind of iPhone cover are you using? (`・ω・´)
I heard you and Maam had matching covers...

The one with the rabbit earsa~
I received a yellow-green one as a gift and Maam is using a black one!
But I don't have a cover on my iPhone right now.

Why didn't you finish answering the questions from last month or the month before? (・_・)ノシ

I'm sorry, senpai!

I couldn't make the deadline for the last Q&A, so I asked you on Twitter and other websites, but you didn't answer any of them... What should I do?

Oh, I might have missed them!
I usually don't reply on my blog except for when I'm doing a Q&A...
I sometimes miss things on Twitter so please send me replies with patience...
If that doesn't work, it's probably because it's difficult for me to answer your question. I'm sorry.

Do you eat three meals a day? ^^
Please show us more foods that you like!
Also, please write another makeup entry!
P.S. What do you like to use in your miso soup?

I eat when I eat, but when I have nothing to do, I usually sleep until noon, so I skip breakfast and start with lunch...
But on days like that I eat at night, so I guess I still end up eating three times a day. w
Rather than eating a certain number of times a day, I just eat when I'm hungry.
I'll post a picture if I have something good~
I'll try to write a makeup entry too. w
I put... yams? in my miso soup.

I just become your fan. Who's Sujiko? ><

My little sister. ヽ(´ω`)ノ

 Rima@Nico Video ClubSan
Please tell us what brand of clothes you like to buy. (*´q`*)
Also, how can I become thin and cute like you? (^q^)

Also, also, also!
I want to be your little sister. ///←
What should I do? (・_・ )

I haunt WONDER ROCKET a lot. w
I'm only thin!
If you want to be my little sister... Your feelings are important...←

Hello! We're the couple who treated you like a riajuu during the first part of the added Ikura and King birthday event. Haha
Do you remember us?
We're going to get married. ´`*
I have a baby in my stomach too
I wanted to go to Kozu Kozu's birthday event too, but I had to give up because I needed to rest. orz

So, I have a question.
If you were to have a child, would you want a boy or girl?
Also, if there anything that you would want your child to learn or do?
Please tell us!!

Double congratulations. ヽ(´ω`)ノ
When you child is bigger, please bring them to an event.★
I want a girl.
I would want her to try a lot of different things and then continue with the one that she likes!
That's how my mother raised me...

For our own luxury and profit, we get more items and at the same time our trash increases and we use the sea as a landfill and it slowly disappears.
What do you think of this current situation?

It's difficult to say anything.


I'm really sorry for making you wait for the pictures!!
Please wait a little longer!←