(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<My mirror's here!


There's still some furniture that hasn't arrived yet, but it's slowly becoming more room-like. (。-_-。)
I'm happy.

But I'll be in a pinch at the end of the month. Lol.




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Presents from the One Man Live♪

I sorted them yesterday. (。-_-。)

Everyone made such individual choices, it was fun to look through. w
I received a lot of other sweets too.

I use and eat them with care. ( *`ω´) 
Thank you very much.

So, today we finally get to have lessons again (*´ω`*)!!

I'm so eager that I woke up early today too.


Maybe I was too excited and was dancing in my dreams...

I think I slept on my neck wrong. (´・_・`)Ouch

So, I haven't done it in a while, but I think I'll go back to sleep. (。-_-。)←





A handmade doll from Sujiko.
It seems it's name is Orion. (。-_-。)

On the back is part of the Orion constellation.

So cuuute...

Oh and when you wake up early the day seems really long!!
Waking up early is really a penny virture!!

Even though today's the off!!!!!

I'm sleepy. _ノ乙(、ン、)_




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<Don't worry about it!

When I was moving, I casually looked through a feng shui website and it made me really indecisive.
The result is...

Hello, I'm Ikura and all of the furniture in my house is completely wnite. (。-_-。)

Well, the only thing to do now is make everything a point color, huh.

↑Actually worrying about it.

By the way, dolls and stuffed animals aren't good for feng shui!
Did you know?

In feng shui, there's a fear that if stuffed animals become the master of a room (or if they're counted in the number of people living there) your fortune will be split and they suck it up.

And this is the area by my pillow.


It's a large family!!!!

Reluctantly (´・_・`)

But if you really want to have some out then you should put two or three in the east or south, in a bright spot and dust them diligently.

I'll do that!!←

I say that I don't worry about it, but I'm still looking up a lot of stuff. Haha.