So yesterday I went on a date with Sujikosan. 

(We're connected by red snot. Just kidding. ♥)
(TN: Joke about red string of fate.)

Aaah~! We walked a lot!

First I had her tag along while I took care of things that I needed to do...←

To Harajuku

After a long time, I bought some clothes. (。-_-。)
I'll show you all later. 
After that I was checking Twitter while having tea and...

I saw that PrikoSan, who sang on the Danceroid DVD, was at the Nico Nico Headquarters making a guest appearance on Yamadan's Nico LIve!!

That's right, Sujiko...

has actually been a big fan of PrikoSan for a long time!!!!!

So we went to see her after the broadcast was over.

Thank you very much for talking with us even though you were busy. (。-_-。)

Aren't you happy Sujiko?
So that's that...
I have lessons tomorrow.
I'll do my best! ( *`ω´) 

Good night. 





A souvenir from my mom...

Handmade mango jam.

Sujiko said "Mom worked really hard to write this letter for you!"

Eh, what do I do if I'm so moved that I start crying? (。-_-。)

As I thought that, I opened the letter...

I mad jam with a big mango from the tree next to our house!!


There are little sour mango on our tree!

You can make yummy mango salad!!

But Sujiko

said no!!...

What a shame!

From, Mama

Mamaaa (、_'' (o)_: ( [三] ) _(o)`_, :::)!!!!!!!!!!

And there were pancake and waffle recipes on the back of the letter!!!

Me "Eh, what this..?"

Sujiko "She's proud that she can make pancakes without pancake mix."


Mamaaa (、_'' (o)_: ( [三] ) _(o)`_, :::)!!!!!!!!!!

Thank youuu (、_'' (o)_: ( [三] ) _(o)`_, :::)!!!!!!!!!!

I got a t-shirt from Sujiko. 

So cute.

I'll write about what I did with Sujiko today later.




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<About Today♪

Today, after a short meeting at the office, we had rehearsal for Anime Expo 2011. 

They showed us pictures of the venue, but...

It's amaziiiiiiiiii(、_'' (o)_: ( [三] ) _(o)`_, :::)iiiiiiiiiing!!!!!

It's huge...




With that much space, KozuKozu and I...

can dance with 100,000 horsepower. ( *`ω´) ←

A picture with the event moderator DannySan and ASCII editor FukiokaSan.

Please treat us well. 

Sharing a Papico with Kozukozu after rehearsal...
(TN: Papico)

To Harajuku's Nico Nico Headquarters!
Sweets Time at the Cafe. 

\You don't have to take a picture!/

We had strawberry and blueberry cake and strawberry tea. 
It was delicious. 

After that we looked at clothes...


It was yummy. (。-_-。)

And now...

For the first time in more than a year...

Reunited with Sujiko!!!

(My nose is running red.)

Let me explain.

Sujiko is actually

my sister.




Win a photo autographed by Ikura


We going to appear on July 1st, at the Los Angeles Angeles Convention Center at Anime Expo® 2011.

Anime Expo® 2011 Official Site
DANCEROID|Anime Expo® 2011

This time, to represent Danceroid, Ikura and Kozue will go to LA...!

Our first time in Los Angeles...!
It's so exciting. ( *`ω´) 

We'll get to meet Hatsune MikuChan again. I'm looking forward to it. ★

It hasn't really sunk in yet, so I'm not nervous. Lol.

More than anything, I just feel very very honored to be allowed to appear at such a large EXPO!!
I'll do my best for King, COCO and Maamu too. (`・ω・´)

I think there will b e a lot of people who can't come from Japan, but please support us.

Wait of us Los Angeleeesss!!!

Right after we come home there's the One Man...!
I want both to go perfectly. ( *`ω´)




(ノ)・ω・(ヾ)<scritch scratch...2


(On my way to lessons.
The (train) car I'm in is packed.
By the way, I'm writing this with the graffiti function on the Ameba iPhone app.
It's really difficult.


ドキドキWin a photo autographed by Ikuraドキドキ